Crystalline Space

Intuitive reiki for people, pets, and home.

Cleanse Your Home & Office

Have you moved into a new space, or recently renovated your home/office? Does the energy in your space feel stuck or stagnant? Are you feeling negative energy or did something tragic happen in your home? 

As our homes, studios, and offices are where we spend most of our time, it is important to have good energy flowing abundantly. After a time of illness, transition, or as a complement to regular cleaning, space clearing can help us feel at peace in our environment.

Investment: The rates are determined by the size and the length of time spent in your home or office.

Procedures for Space Clearing Appointments:

I will arrange an initial visit to your home. I'll also send you a list of questions about your space to answer before the visit. An initial visit lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours. I will assess the space (your home and the land), and let you know my impressions/suggestions. I'll provide any recommendations for things you can do yourself, and render any possible services within the time frame allotted. If your space is large or your home is experiencing a lot of issues, I will then make a recommendation for follow up services/treatment.