Crystalline Space

Intuitive reiki for people, pets, and home.

Reiki Sessions For Adults

    A typical initial session lasts 1hr.
However, initial sessions are prefaced with a consultation and followed by discussion. Therefore,
an initial Reiki session can last anywhere from 1½-2 hours.

   During your Reiki Session, I will gently place my hands on or slightly above you, from your head all the way down to your toes. A session can be very relaxing and it's okay to fall asleep. You may experience sensations such as warmth, tingling, or gentle waves moving through your body. You may have releases in the form of body twitches, muscle spasm, gas, or tears. You may not feel anything but a sense of relaxation. Sometimes the result of the session is not recognized until after the session, when your body has a chance to integrate the balancing that has occurred. I suggest you pay attention to your body and mind following your treatment.

  Sometimes, several sessions are required to help with balancing during difficult times, transitions, or other acute/longstanding issues.